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Meet Bungle!

You might remember way back in January that I wrote a post about my goals for the year and how I was hoping 2017 was going to be the year that Sunny and I finally got the dog we’d always been planning for. Well, here he is! No more than a week after I wrote that post, a Golden Retriever not far from us gave birth to a small litter and we were lucky enough to get our hands on the chunkiest one! We finally brought Bungle home last week and so far, it’s been a baptism of fire. Despite planning on (and getting excited about) that moment pretty much since Sunny and I got together over 10 years ago – talking to breeders and dog owners and doing plenty of reading – it’s been an exhausting few days! Not just for us, but for him too – he’s met so many people and learnt so much already… uh, except where to poop. So. Much. Poop. 💩

Puppies are hard work guys. And that’s a massive understatement. But, despite all the puppy puddles (including one on my favourite stripy rug this morning, grr! I turned my back on him for 2 seconds!) and the fact that he currently thinks my ankles are a chew toy – I’m totally smitten with him and his cute blonde eyelashes already 🙂

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