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Into the Woods

I just got back from a short but sweet little trip to the New Forest.  I haven’t been down there since I was a kid and always had this memory of it being this sprawling, Snow White forest, but actually, turns out that it’s not that big at all.  You can easily whizz around it by car in an afternoon.  That’s not to say that you can explore every moss-covered trunk in such a short snippet of time though, it’s still got that fairy tale charm and mystery that it had when I was a kid; you know, little towns with red brick cottages and sash windows, wild horses and fallow deer.  You can see a lot, but still leave wanting more.  It’s the perfect place to go exploring for a weekend 🙂

Have you been to the New Forest?  What were your favourite spots?


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Aha, interesting – although unsurprising. It’s actually the pockets of moorland covered in heather that I remember the most from when I visited the New Forest as a kid, rather than the forest itself!

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