Four Bank Holiday Brunches

Has anyone else forgotten what a five day week feels like?  We seem to get so many Bank Holiday weekends around this time of year that four day weeks start to feel pretty normal.  Not that I’m complaining, Bank Holidays mean more time in bed (YES), which more importantly means more time for lazy brunches (OH YES) …usually involving bacon.  Mmmm bacon.  🙂

So here are four brunches I’ve been enjoying during those blissful bank holidays.  Firstly, grilled bacon and bananas on waffles.  If you’ve never tried bacon and bananas together then you’re seriously missing out.  Sounds weird, tastes amazing.

Watermelon is hands down my favourite fruit, and my favourite thing to eat in morning when I get sick of bacon (…which admittedly is almost never).  A tip for picking the best watermelon from the supermarket is to knock it with the back of your knuckle – the hollower the sound, the sweeter the melon.  True, you’ll get a few glares – but it works.

Poached eggs, grilled bacon and waffles.  ‘Nuff said.

And lastly, Huevos Rancheros – which is basically just an excuse to have Mexican for breakfast (or use up any Mexican leftovers!).  It’s easier to make than it looks too.

What’s your go-to bank holiday brunch?  🙂

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