Four Bank Holiday Brunches

Has anyone else forgotten what a five day week feels like?  We seem to get so many Bank Holiday weekends around this time of year that four day weeks start to feel pretty normal.  Not that I’m complaining, Bank Holidays mean more time in bed (YES), which more importantly means more time for lazy brunches (OH YES) …usually involving bacon.  Mmmm bacon.  🙂

So here are four brunches I’ve been enjoying during those blissful bank holidays.  Firstly, grilled bacon and bananas on waffles.  If you’ve never tried bacon and bananas together then you’re seriously missing out.  Sounds weird, tastes amazing.

Watermelon is hands down my favourite fruit, and my favourite thing to eat in morning when I get sick of bacon (…which admittedly is almost never).  A tip for picking the best watermelon from the supermarket is to knock it with the back of your knuckle – the hollower the sound, the sweeter the melon.  True, you’ll get a few glares – but it works.

Poached eggs, grilled bacon and waffles.  ‘Nuff said.

And lastly, Huevos Rancheros – which is basically just an excuse to have Mexican for breakfast (or use up any Mexican leftovers!).  It’s easier to make than it looks too.

What’s your go-to bank holiday brunch?  🙂

Seven Breakfasts

1: Grilled Maple Bacon, Chopped Walnuts and Bananas on toast.  It feels wrong, I know.  But oh so right…

You’ll never catch me skipping out on breakfast.  EVER.  Nor am I one of those breakfast bar/biscuit people (are you crazy?!).  See, my stomach seems to be inhabited by a noisy monster with a beast-like appetite and he’d never let me get away with not feeding him first thing in the morning… and he doesn’t grumble, he GROWLS.

Yeah, I love breakfast.  So here are seven of my current favourite go-tos when I’ve got the time to treat my stomach monster. 🙂

2: Natural Yoghurt with Cinnamon, Chopped Mango, Granola and Honey.  American Supermarket chain ‘Publix’ does little pots of Cinnamon Bun Flavoured yoghurt – which is so good! – I got hooked on the stuff on honeymoon and now I always add cinnamon to my yoghurt.
3. Dippy Egg and Soldiers – which I sometimes have for lunch too 🙂
4. Breakfast Burritos with cheese, bacon, chorizo, spiced peppers and tomatoes and scrambled egg.  These are so easy to make ahead of time and freeze, and they’re also a total crowd-pleaser.
5: Mushrooms and Spinach on Toast.  It’s the sort of breakfast you’d expect the Animals of Farthing Wood to have scoffed before they went off on their long journey to create the most scarring kids show that was ever created.
6. Porridge with chopped bananas, walnuts, honey and a lot of Nutella.  Here’s a confession: I was late to the Nutella party, so I’ve been making up for lost time.  I don’t eat it straight out of the jar with a spoon… much.
7. Huevos Rancheros with flaming breakfast potatoes, refried beans and unintentionally cremated bacon. Back in 2009 I travelled across Arizona with my family – and it just so happened to coincide with the start of my love of spicy Southern cooking.  I ate Huevos Rancheros for breakfast on our first morning in Phoenix and loved it.  I eat a lo-hot of Mexican food nowadays.

What’s your favourite go-to breakfast? 🙂