Far Away

Oh Canada…

I’ve just come back from a week driving around British Columbia and Alberta and all I can say is, Oh Canada!


I’ve just come back from a week driving around British Columbia and Alberta and all I can say is, Oh Canada!  If you’re with me over on Instagram then you’re well aware and have probably been following along with my Canadian adventure via Stories – but oh my gosh, it’s been absolutely amazing.  I’m nackered, I’ve been feasted upon by mosquitos, caught an air-con cold and have eaten waaaaaay too many Maple Cream Cookies (…and brought four more boxes back with me in my suitcase), but have loved every single minute.

The reason we went out there was because Sunny’s cousin (who lives in Calgary) was getting married in Kananaskis, and so when we RSVP’d to the invitation we decided – what the hell – we’d tack on a little Canadian road trip before the big day.  We flew into Vancouver and spent a couple of days exploring the city, and then took a few more days to drive the scenic route to Kananaskis, hitting up Jasper and Banff National Parks along the way.  We had an absolute blast and definitely want to do another driving holiday sometime soon.  Once I’ve vanquished jet lag and unpacked I’ll go into a bit more detail, but for now, here are some of my favourite snaps (and, if you’re curious, all my Canadian Stories are available to watch over on Instagram – just go to my profile page and look for the highlight reel titled ‘Canada’). 🙂

Have a fab week everyone! (And Happy Canada Day!) 🙂

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Oh no! The best ones I got were from a discount supermarket in Vancouver. We picked up a couple of boxes from the airport on the way back that weren’t quite as nice. Still scoffed them though! 😉


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