Far Away

Tailgating at Hard Rock Stadium

I’m no sports nut.  I mean, rugby is totally the exception and you’ll catch me cheering the boys on come 6 Nations time just like any other Welsh gal.  But everything else?  Ugh.  And don’t feed me that, “Oh, but it’s so much better watching it live and in person than on the TV” line.  No it bloody well ain’t, alright?  I spent enough Saturday afternoons down at the Valley (Sunny’s a Charlton Athletic fan) when I lived in London freezing in the cold – and yet somehow simultaneously falling asleep – to know that it just isn’t for me.

So when Sunny suggested we catch an American Football Game while we were out in Florida I… wasn’t fussed.  But at least I wasn’t going to freeze, I told myself.  Sunny LOVES American Football – he spent a year in Colorado supporting the Broncos and Tailgated at Mile High Stadium, and insisted that – never mind the actual game – the atmosphere and pre-game is completely different to British Football.  And he was right!  We pulled up early and joined all Tailgaters from both Miami and Detroit (there’s none of that fear of mixing fans like there is in the UK) and spent a couple of hours wandering around sucking in the atmosphere (and sunshine!).  If you’ve never heard of Tailgating, it’s  a sport in its own right and it’s basically one massive barbecue/game of beer pong in the parking lot – and I can definitely get on board with that!  Finally, a sport  that involves hotdogs! 😉


Have a great weekend! X

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