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10 Podcasts I’m Listening to Right Now

I feel like it took me a while to get on board with podcasts, but now I’m obsessed! So without further ado, here’s a list of the podcasts I just can’t enough of. 🙂


I feel like it took me a while to get on board with podcasts.  I mean, it took me a while to get my head around the fact that I might listen to something other than music when I plugged into my phone.  Podcasts were just chatter.  And then I found out that there were History Podcasts.  History Podcasts!  Literally hours and hours worth of chatter about historical women, which – to me – might as well be music because THAT IS MY JAM.  After listening to a few of those I became obsessed and suddenly found quiet corners of my day to day life where I could be catching up with them.  Walking Bungle: podcast.  Cooking dinner: podcast.  Doing my makeup: podcast.  Food shopping: podcast.  Cleaning: podcast.  Podcast, Podcast, Podcast.  You get the idea.  Even as I write this, I’ve got the latest episode of The High Low springing out my speakers.  There’s literally a podcast out there for every interest under the sun.  So without further ado, here’s a list of the podcasts I just can’t enough of. 🙂



Sassy, brassy and bad-assy, I only started tuning into Katy and Nathan’s podcast about female rulers a few weeks ago, but I straight up fell in love with it.  It’s a little bit drunk history (they pair every episode with a subject-inspired cocktail – e.g. Poison for Lucrezia Borgia), and spend an hour just chin-wagging about history’s most famous Queens from Catherine de Medici to Boudicca.  They’ve also done a few episodes about “bad and boujee” babes from history like Caterina Sforza, as well as a few “side hustlers” like Nell Gwyn.  Definitely worth checking out if you’re a women’s history fanatic like me, but like your lessons light and funny.

The High Low

If you’re an avid podcast listener then you’ll be well aware of Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes’ smart and funny weekly rundown of pop culture and news.  Their latest episode, for example, hit up discussions surrounding IS teen Shamima Begum’s request to return to the UK, the decline in smear tests and other hot and newsworthy topics.  The High Low is where I go to get informed and fuel up for discussions(/arguments) about the zeitgeist with my family and friends.

Trump Inc

I love a juicy political documentary that dishes the dirt and digs deep, and if you’ve been following the goings on across the pond with equal fascination and horror, then this one’s for you.  Trump Inc is a reporting podcast that delves into Donald Trump’s businesses, how they work and who might be profiting from his administration.  Each episode rips the lid off the big movers and shakers of the Trump Administration and speculates about deals going on behind the scenes.  Really interesting stuff.

(Thanks for letting me know about this one Nina!).

The History Chicks

I LOVE the History Chicks!  It’s a bit more PG than Queens, but just as juicy and their back catalogue of episodes will keep you occupied for a loooong time.  I mean, I’ve been listening for a while now and I’m still catching up.  Beckett and Susan research every episode thoroughly and really dig in deep with each woman they discuss – dispelling myths and giving a true and entertaining account of each life.  They also add show notes full of pictures and articles and point their listeners in the direction of books and films if they want to know more.  My favourite episode they’ve done so far (it’s hard to choose, there are so many!) was the one they did about Empress Cixi – it was so interesting!

Happy Place

I definitely gravitate towards more cosy, chatty podcasts and that’s exactly how I’d describe Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place.  Each episode she has a good old chinwag and heart to heart with a celebrity about their struggles in life and how they found their Happy Place.  She recently did an episode with Natalie Dormer (Yas Queeeeeen) about how she mentally prepares herself for her acting roles and it was such a lovely listen for a quiet Sunday morning. 🙂

Female Criminals

If you’re into true crime, then you’ll love this.  I’ve only just started listening, but it’s definitely one I’m going to enjoy dipping in and out off.  Female Criminals is about female criminals!  In each episode Vanessa and Sami delve into the minds of some of the world’s most famous female criminals – from Charlotte Corday to Myra Hindley – looking at the lives, motivations and psychologies behind some of the biggest crimes committed by women.

The Guilty Feminist

“I’m a feminist, but…” If you’ve been listening to podcasts for a while then I’d be surprised if The Guilty Feminist isn’t on your subscription list.  Saying that, I don’t listen quite as religiously as I do with some of the others on my list, but I do like catching up sometimes when I’m cooking if the subject matter takes my fancy.  Each episode is an hour long chat hosted by comedian Deborah Frances-White and her guests where they discuss modern feminism and have a laugh about the contradictions and insecurities facing feminists in their day to day lives.

Gallus Girls and Wayward Women

Another history podcast, I know, but this one focuses purely on British women.  A little less chatty and more documentary, each episode is thoroughly researched and reads almost like a story.  I recently listened to an episode that delved into the lives of the Ripper Victims (so fascinating to learn more about the women rather than the murderer and mystery surrounding him) and really got a sense – not only of the characters involved – but of the grim East End of Victorian London.

(Thanks to Claire over at Hisdoryan for letting me know about this one!).

Ctrl Alt Delete

If you’re a part of generation internet then you’ll be well aware of Emma Gannon and her book about growing up online.  In her podcast she interviews guests about their lives and relationship with creativity, identity, mental health and the internet!  Her most recent episode was with Felicity Jones who plays the amazing Ruth Bader Ginsburg in her latest film “On The Basis of Sex” – which I can’t wait to see!

The Creative Introvert

If you’re a creative who works best on their own then you need to check this one out.  In each episode Cat discusses ways that introverts can find their inner “superpower”, harness their creativity and get stuff done.  She addresses the issues introverts face from confidence to motivation and – eeeep! – working with other people, and invites guests on to discuss their creative journey.

That’s it!  Which podcasts are you listening to right now?  Let me know your favourites down below!

4 replies on “10 Podcasts I’m Listening to Right Now”

Oh I bloody love a podcast! Thanks for the reccomendations, certainly going to check some out!

If you love true crime, I love Wine & Crime – three girls from Minnesota talk about a crime topic and pair a wine to go with it. It’s really funny!

I also have really enjoyed The Butterfly Effect by Jon Ronson – this is a podcast documentary where he looks into the effects that free porn has had on society. SO good.

Others I have enjoyed include How To Fail by Elizabeth Day, Mad World by Byrony Gorden and Table Manners by Jessie Ware. You also HAVE to listen to my Dad Wrote A Porno. SO funny.


Lynsey || One More Slice

Liked by 1 person

Ah! I’ve heard so much about My Dad Wrote a Porno, I just haven’t got around to catching up on it yet – it’s definitely on the list though!

Wine and Crime sounds right up my street too! 🙂


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