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My Anti-Aging Starter Kit

The whole anti-aging game has always felt a little “Death Becomes Her” to me (Remember that movie?  One of my all time faves!).  Isn’t it all just really, really expensive snake oil, and in the end a bit… pointless?  I’m not afraid of wrinkles – aging is a privilege, after all – but I wouldn’t mind holding off the effects for just a little while longer.  So over the past six months or so I’ve been swotting up on the ingredients of various anti-aging products and learning a little bit about what they claim to do, and then picked some inexpensive but highly-rated products from the pool to slip into my daily skin routine.

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What’s in my Makeup Bag? The Winter Edition

It feels so good knowing that we’re winging our way into Spring.  Soon – we’re not quite there yet – which means a few more weeks of dark mornings, dark circles and deathly pale skin, and that means a shakeup in the ol’ makeup bag.  It’s working so, so hard right now, let me tell you!

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How I Do: My Sunday Night Soak in 10 Steps

How I Do My Weekly Sunday Night Soak in 10 Steps, including all my favourite products and a trick for naturally lightening your hair!


5 Hot Weather Beauty Favourites

A bit of a shake up of the ol’ beauty routine is definitely in order when your makeup’s melting off your face and the agoraphobic pins are on show every day. Here are my 5 Hot Weather Beauty Favourites.