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I think I love wrapping up presents more anything else at Christmas.  Christmas Shopping doesn’t hang around in boxes and bags for very long around me because I just can’t wait to get wrapping!  You either love it or hate it, I think, but personally I’m firmly in the love camp.  I know it’s all […]

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The Non-Gift Gift Guide

Everyone keeps telling me this year that I’m difficult to buy for, which – to be honest – came as a bit of shock because I’d always thought of myself as someone who’s easily pleased. At first I was insulted (You don’t know me at all!!!) and then when I thought about it a little […]


*What’s in my Christmas Stocking?

Everyone does Christmas differently, and one of the toughest things about being married is choosing which family traditions to keep, and which ones to toss.  When I found out that Sunny and his family never had Christmas Stockings I was stunned and a little gutted as it’s probably my favourite part of Christmas!  As kids, my […]