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I think I love wrapping up presents more anything else at Christmas.  Christmas Shopping doesn’t hang around in boxes and bags for very long around me because I just can’t wait to get wrapping!  You either love it or hate it, I think, but personally I’m firmly in the love camp.  I know it’s all going to get ripped and binned by lunchtime on Christmas Day, but oh well!

This year I used a mix of wrapping paper from IKEA (IKEA is seriously brilliant for wrapping paper – if you haven’t checked it out, I can’t recommend it enough) and Tesco.  The spots and stripes came from IKEA over the summer in a pack of three, and I just couldn’t resist the cute trees and red car print on the Tesco roll for £2.  I made them look a little fancier with red and bronze ribbons, and for bottles I used a little bit of the garland I bought from Tiger.  I added a little mushroom tree decoration (you can get a whole box of them from Tiger for £1).  The labels are just bits of cardboard snipped to size.  Easy peasy and cheap as chips.

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