52: It’s so easy to get hold of sheet music these days – which is great, because now whenever I feel like learning a new piano piece I can just go online, print it off and start playing!  The weather was crummy on Sunday so I started learning how to play Chopin’s Valse in C# Minor.
53: I bought this mermaid print shirt from Zara (they’ve always got a good stock of patterned shirts – like this Gazelle one) back in the summer, but I can’t seem to take it off at the moment.
54: I cooked dinner for my brother on Tuesday – I cooked a Spanish Risotto (which is fancy talk for Paella Gone Soggy – still tasted good though!).
55: Perfect tie-dye swirls from Miss Patisserie’s Calming Aroma Fizz Bath Ball.
56: An afternoon walk over the rocks and rock pools of Llantwit Major pebble beach.
57: I started reading “Big Magic” by Liz Gilbert and stormed through a third of it in one afternoon.  It’s full of stories about creatives and their attitudes towards inspiration and the creative process.  Loving it so far!  Review incoming when I’m done.
58: We started sanding down an old pine bench table that we’re planning to use as a desk in the new house (until the sander went and blew its motor… pfft!).  Once it’s all tarted up I’ll post snaps of how we got there.

That was my week, how was yours?  ♡


Project 365: Week Five

31: Obligatory Sunday morning dippy egg 🙂
32: A Sandwich.
33: Beautiful light in our new home 🙂
34: A breezy walk around the Bay.
35: Lovely tea and plenty of cake with my Mum and Dad at Waterloo Tea in Penylan 🙂
DSC_0001 (2)
36: A gloomy Friday afternoon catching up with blogs, writing and emails in our current makeshift office/dressing-room/cupboard.  *sigh*  Can’t wait to be able to sprawl in out in our new home!
37: I got all fancy and cooked up some Japanese-style Tuna Steak for Sunny and my brother (sesame seeds, honey, rice wine, mirrin – so good!).

Project 365: Week One


Every damned year I tell myself that I’m going to take more photos, but for whatever reason it never happens. Either I forget to bring along the camera or someone whinges about having a lens shoved in their face… Well this year there’s no escape. One photo a day, every day – from January the 1st all the way through til December the 31st.
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