What I Did: Principality Stadium Tour


The Six Nations kicks off tomorrow!  Ahead of the big opener on Saturday – I went for a little snoop around the Principality Stadium (I have to be honest, I’m not liking our chances this year – we’ve got so many injuries – but you never know!).  I booked it back in November as a Christmas present for my Dad and thought now be the perfect time to take a tour and see the pitch and stadium in tip top condition.  🙂

I still feel a bit weird calling it the Principality Stadium; I mean, to me it’ll always be the Millennium Stadium.  I remember when it opened back in 1999, swamping the old Arms Park.  I think the first time I went there was to see Robbie Williams play – and it can’t have been that long after it opened – I mean, we’re talking Robbie Williams back in his Rock DJ days (oh man, I’m old!).  But anyway, it was interesting to have a snoop in the cloisters of the so-called Cathedral of Welsh Rugby and hear some old stories and facts about the stadium over the years.

We had a look in the press room and then went into the boys’ changing room, The Dragon’s Lair (which was having a bit of spot work to fix the showers ahead of Saturday’s game!).  I totally forgot to have a sneak peek at the back of the shirt to see who’s seat I was sitting in!

All important deliveries ready for match day… 😉

Without a doubt one of the best bits of the tour was being able to walk from the changing rooms out through the tunnel and onto the pitch.  Our tour guide flicked a switch near the doorway that played a recording of what the stadium sounds like at full capacity (74,000), so we could really imagine what it’s like to walk out on match day. 🙂

The pitch looked in tip top condition, mostly due to the huge lights that are lit year round to help keep the grass healthy.

We went up to the top tiers for the view and also to have a sneak peek inside the “presidential box” where the seats are all cushioned and covered to to protect not against the rain (there’s a roof for that, obviously), but against beer downpours!

One of the most interesting facts was how much it costs to open and close the roof.  How much d’you reckon?  Give me your best guess in the comments! 😉

Best of luck to the boys tomorrow – I’ve a feeling Scotland’s got game this year! If you’re interested in taking a tour of the Principality Stadium, you can find everything you need to know to book here.

Judgement Day

Last Saturday I made my first pilgrimage to the Millennium – oops, I mean Principality Stadium (…it’s going to take a while before that sticks…) since moving back to Cardiff to watch Judgement Day; two full on games of Rugby featuring South Wales’ four heavyweight teams. 🙂

We bought the tickets way back in October as a Christmas present for my parents, my brother and his girlfriend – £10 for a rugby double feature ain’t bad at all.

The atmosphere never disappoints at the Principality Stadium, neither does the whole production/performance side.  Game one – Cardiff Blues v Swansea Ospreys kicked off with typical Principality pizzaz…

The Blues and Ospreys were more or less evenly matched, but in the end, the Ospreys came out on top…
(The Biggar Wiggle) 🙂 🙂 🙂

The Swansea Girl (my mum) cheered, while the Cardiff Boy (my dad) sighed.
At half time we feasted on a bit of Bread of Heaven… (i.e. ridiculously expensive but damn fine pizza)

Inevitably, the atmosphere dropped a little during the Scarlets v Dragons match.  Even though the weather was bright and sunny, it got a bit cold, the second game wasn’t as exciting as the first and some of the crowd left.  But!  We powered through and loved it.