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How to Go it Alone and Survive a Party or an Event Where You Know No one

When I first started blogging nearly four years ago, the thought of going solo to an event where I knew absolutely no one would have been enough to bring me out in hives.  I’d have had some questions before predictably deciding to skip it. Four years on and I pretty much go solo to all the events that I get an invite to, and even though I still get those butterflies and that urge to bail – every single time – I’ve learned to take a breath and power through it and I always end up having a good time.

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Hello, I’m Socially Awkward

Okay, here’s the thing.  I need a haircut.  Big time.  I mean, it’s not down to my ankles or anything, and I only resemble Garth from Wayne’s World for like the first twenty minutes after I roll out of bed (…okay, okay, the first hour… at least…), but I’ve got more splits going on than a […]