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I take a lot of pictures.  A lot.  These days it’s really hard to imagine that not so long ago I was bashing about with a disposable camera with no focus, an unfettered flash, restricted to thirty snaps and absolutely no clue as to what was going to come out at the end of it all.  These days I’ve got a 16GB reel and a delete button to play with, so there’s no panic about running out of film and I can be as trigger happy as I want to be 🙂

Inevitably though, sometimes I load up the SD card and find a few odd snapshots that don’t really fit into a blog post of their own but altogether somehow sum up life “right now”.

We’ve been “borrowing” my brother’s Netflix subscription (since we can’t get Sky TV at the new place; long story, #firstworldproblems and all that… *sigh*) and have been binge-watching like crazy.  Sunny and I just hit Season 4 of House of Cards and I completely fell in love with The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt one afternoon.  It’s so upbeat and silly, I love it 🙂
An escaped Harris’ Hawk appeared in the woods behind our house and stuck around long enough to pose for a few pictures.  Since he had restraints around his legs it was obvious that he was an escapee, so Sunny phoned around to try and find the owner.
We celebrated my Dad’s birthday with dinner and lots of cake!  I thought he’d appreciate the candles 😉

Rainy Saturdays are for cwtching up with hot drinks and adding to my Etsy Wishlist. 🙂
I cooked Pecan Crusted Chicken for Sunny one evening.  The original recipe on Pinterest was purely ground pecans for the crust, so I messed with it and added a bit of Jack Daniels and Hickory Smoke.  It was okay, but didn’t taste nearly as good as the effort that went into it!  C’est la vie!  We all fall foul of Pinterest’s Food Porn sometimes.  Meh.

Last week we took a trip to London to see Sunny’s Mum and Dad.  The weather was awful!  We left the blazing sunshine in Wales (along with all our jumpers and warm clothes) and arrived in London to see people wearing winter coats and scarves!  Since we couldn’t really go anywhere we stayed in and had a lesson in making Aloo Parantha courtesy of Sunny’s Mum (i.e. The Master). 🙂  They’re Indian flatbread filled with a spicy potato mix and are traditionally served for breakfast – if you’re interested in a blog post on making them leave me a comment.

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