My Thursday: Blossom Walks, Perfect Scrambled Eggs and Violet Gin


I feel like I haven’t done a photo diary in ages; sometimes it’s nice to throw things back to blogging back in the day – you know, when it was all a bit more low key and just about the things you did on a random day of the week.  I did want to put an Easter-inspired recipe up today buuuuuut I’ve been a bit busy and came up empty.  So here we are!  This is what my Thursday looked like.

Most days right now begin at 6am when Bungle stomps into our bedroom and barks until one of us either budges over or gets up.  He loves our bed at the moment; he’ll disappear at random times during the day and we’ll find him sprawled out snoozing in the middle of it!  Sunny usually gets up first so Bungle will usually hop in with me for a bit while I scroll through Twitter and Instagram and put off getting up myself. 😉


Once Sunny leaves for work, I pull on a pair of yoga pants and a hoodie and take Bungle for his morning walk around the block.  You’d think him having the snip a couple of weeks ago would have calmed him down a bit, but honestly he’s even more excitable than before.  He still drags me along and only stops to mercilessly hump my leg.  Buuuuuut, at least on Thursday the weather was nice; we walked around the block and had a sniff around the bluebells and the blossom.


After his walk, Bungle went back to bed (…alright for some) and I made myself some breakfast.  I’ve been trying to perfect some egg recipes recently and high up on my list was scrambled egg.  I mean, usually I just crack a couple of eggs into a saucepan with some milk and butter and stir until they’re solid, but I wanted to see if I could go one better and make those super creamy, special scrambled eggs.  On Thursday, I think I cracked it (har de har).

Most of my morning was spent ticking off jobs on my to do list, planning a couple of blog posts and answering emails, and then after taking Bungle for another trot around the block I had a quick lunch and then headed into Cardiff.  But it turned out taking me an hour longer than usual because the traffic was a nightmare!



Had a quick prowl around the shops.  There’s not really a lot I need in terms of Spring/Summer clothes, but I love looking anyway!  I’m still in lust with this pink polka dot shirt from Zara… but I’ve got a lot of shirts (and a lot of polka dots…).  I’m determined to wait it out and see if lust turns into love.


At Gin o’ Clock I met up with Lottie from This Girl Is.  We went to Gin and Juice in Castle Arcade which serves up a massive selection of gin (and smoothies) in the most beautiful way.  We chatted about blogging and our beautiful but bonkers doggos.


Once I got home, Sunny took Bungle for his evening walk and I made dinner.  I’ve really been enjoying making these Burrito Bowls recently.  It started as a solution to those times when “ugh, can’t be arsed to make Quesadillas” – but actually, I prefer it!  And not just because it’s easier.  Last night I served them up with a cheeky side of Nachos – which went down very well! 🙂


After dinner I started reading my new history book all about the women in Mozart’s life and then Sunny and I broke into some Easter Chocolate in front of Into the Badlands – which is quite possibly the most ridiculous show I’ve ever seen.  Steampunk meets Kung Fu… with Nick Frost.  I mean, what the actual hell?


Enjoy the long weekend! 🙂

Right Now

I take a lot of pictures.  A lot.  These days it’s really hard to imagine that not so long ago I was bashing about with a disposable camera with no focus, an unfettered flash, restricted to thirty snaps and absolutely no clue as to what was going to come out at the end of it all.  These days I’ve got a 16GB reel and a delete button to play with, so there’s no panic about running out of film and I can be as trigger happy as I want to be 🙂

Inevitably though, sometimes I load up the SD card and find a few odd snapshots that don’t really fit into a blog post of their own but altogether somehow sum up life “right now”.

We’ve been “borrowing” my brother’s Netflix subscription (since we can’t get Sky TV at the new place; long story, #firstworldproblems and all that… *sigh*) and have been binge-watching like crazy.  Sunny and I just hit Season 4 of House of Cards and I completely fell in love with The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt one afternoon.  It’s so upbeat and silly, I love it 🙂
An escaped Harris’ Hawk appeared in the woods behind our house and stuck around long enough to pose for a few pictures.  Since he had restraints around his legs it was obvious that he was an escapee, so Sunny phoned around to try and find the owner.
We celebrated my Dad’s birthday with dinner and lots of cake!  I thought he’d appreciate the candles 😉

Rainy Saturdays are for cwtching up with hot drinks and adding to my Etsy Wishlist. 🙂
I cooked Pecan Crusted Chicken for Sunny one evening.  The original recipe on Pinterest was purely ground pecans for the crust, so I messed with it and added a bit of Jack Daniels and Hickory Smoke.  It was okay, but didn’t taste nearly as good as the effort that went into it!  C’est la vie!  We all fall foul of Pinterest’s Food Porn sometimes.  Meh.

Last week we took a trip to London to see Sunny’s Mum and Dad.  The weather was awful!  We left the blazing sunshine in Wales (along with all our jumpers and warm clothes) and arrived in London to see people wearing winter coats and scarves!  Since we couldn’t really go anywhere we stayed in and had a lesson in making Aloo Parantha courtesy of Sunny’s Mum (i.e. The Master). 🙂  They’re Indian flatbread filled with a spicy potato mix and are traditionally served for breakfast – if you’re interested in a blog post on making them leave me a comment.