Rain and Roath Park

Welcome to the Great British Summer!  June has walked out, July has arrived and yet it feels much more like March.  I’ve got a cupboard full of summer dresses, sandals and sunglasses that I’m desperate to wear but can’t.  I bought a hat for God’s sake!  I’ve had one Barbecue so far – just one!

It’s so easy to forget that summer is a three week fling here in Wales – three weeks split over three months.  Pfft!  I didn’t expect to be pulling my parka out of the cupboard and donning my wellies in July, but there you go! 🙂
Sometimes there are places that are better in the rain though – and Roath Park is definitely one of them.  Of course I’d rather wander round in the sunshine when everyone’s boating and I’m busy slurping up the ice-cream that’s melting down my arm, but on a rainy day it’s far quieter, calmer and the all the geese come up out of the lake to drink from the puddles lining the road.

The ducks are used to being fed – if they see you carrying a plastic bag, or even just reaching into your pockets they’ll waddle over expecting a free meal 🙂  Some of them are downright nasty – watch out for the Geese, they’re pure evil – but most are nice.

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