*Go Air

If you ever happen to visit my Mum and Dad and sit on their old sofa then you’ll notice that the middle seat sags.  Sit in it and it’ll swallow you up and you’ll struggle to ever get back up again.  This is because I used it as a trampoline as a kid – back when such things as garden trampolines for kids just didn’t exist.  I bounced and bounced on that thing until the springs groaned and died (something my mother loves reminding me of, as well as everyone who happens to sit in that seat…).

So when I found out that there was a trampoline park in Cardiff, I jumped at the chance (ha ha!) to go check it out and be a kid again for an hour. 🙂

Go Air! is tucked away on the Ty Glas estate near Llanishen, just behind Harvester.  Before you can jump around you have to sign a waver (a little bit unnerving…) and report to the safety briefing room (…even more unnerving!) – but once you’ve done that, and donned your bright yellow trampoline socks, you can bounce around to your heart’s content!
And that’s exactly what I did!  (even though the kids jumping around stared a bit at the crazy old lady…)  I was a bit worried that it was just going to be full of kids and it’d be a bit weird me jumping around like an idiot, but I forgot about that as soon as I sprung upwards from that first trampoline to the upbeat tunes playing over the stereo.  This is not just for kids, it’s for big kids too!  But, if you’re not into it there’s a cafe where you can sit down with a cup of coffee and watch.

As well as the open, free-jumping area, there was a Dodgeball Court, a tight rope and a Basketball run.  The best bit by far was somersaulting into the giant foam pit though…

There was also a basketball runway where you could act like an NBA all star and slam dunk with a little help from trampoline springs 😉  Unfortunately my year 6 netball skills failed me – I didn’t get the ball in once.
After just half an hour of jumping around I was nackered and red-faced and had to collapse on the mats for a bit!  My legs were aching, my heart was racing and I suddenly felt very, very unfit!  It never occurred to me that jumping around on a trampoline was actually exercise – but it was the most fun I’ve had exercising in a long time!  Why go running when you can bounce yourself fit?

*Special thanks to the hubs who came along to only to spend the whole time taking photos of me having fun and acting like a dork.  He’s a good one. 🙂

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