Over the Bridge


The last stop on our West Country adventure (before we started the long slog along a single lane towards the M5…) was Lynmouth.  We parked up at Lynton at the top of the cliffs, and then rode the funicular railway to the bottom.

The Devon coastline is lovely.  I’ve only ever seen it from a distance while standing on the edge of Penarth Pier on a clear day, but it’s a total beaut in person 🙂

The railway is powered by water (those clever Victorians!).  There are two tiny carriages which alternate; the one at the top fills up with water, while the one at the bottom empties out.

I can’t be the only one who thinks seagulls are creepy (but don’t tell them I said that…).

The town itself is full of fish and chip shops, fudge shops and places to get a warm pasty 🙂

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