Over the Bridge

6 Hours in Brighton

When Sunny picked me up from Hove Station and I told him that I’d walked 21,359 steps around Brighton he snorted and told me that the app on my phone must have glitched.  Yeah, I know if you shake it up and down you can trick it into thinking you’ve walked a mile (does anyone even do that?), but I was convinced it was accurate.  It must be.  My feet certainly felt like it.  They were throbbing, because for 6 hours I’d stormed it around Brighton.  I shopped the lanes, ate ice-cream on the pier and even snooped inside the Pavilion 🙂

I paid £12 to go into the Pavilion (built by George IV – who, if you’ve watched Horrible Histories you’ll recognise as the bloke who ate a lot of pies, spent a lot of cash and couldn’t stand his wife…!), which I thought was a bit steep (especially as if you want the audioguide you’ll need to fork out an extra £2).  It’s absolutely stunning inside (though not as big as it appears from the outside) – but you can wander round in well under an hour.  More annoyingly, you can’t take pictures or film inside.  I only managed to take two – which is a shame, because it was so pretty! 🙂

Next I went to the lanes and wandered around all the quirky shops and boutiques…

…and then I stopped in at Coco Gelato for their Jam Doughnut flavoured ice-cream – yum!

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