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My September

I think I’ve just about come to terms with the fact that it’s Autumn now, which is weird because growing up I was definitely an Autumn kid.  I loved the changing trees, the frost and darker nights.  I used to love and loathe September in equal measure when I was a kid; hating it because it meant going back to school (and work, when I worked as a TA.  Meh.), but loving it because it meant a fresh start and the chance to change things up a bit.  Anyone else prefer to set goals and make resolutions in September instead of January?

→ Things that made me happy in September

At the start of the month I finally got to transfer my growing Avocado nuts into pots.  It was a tense moment (the whole process takes a bloody age!), but they’re still alive… for now.

→ The best thing I cooked

Probably the Lemon and Pistachio Drizzle Cake (…that I shamelessly copied from the one Benjamina made on the Great British Bakeoff…).

→ Favourite Adventure

That’s a toss up between our trip to North Devon and London. 🙂

→ Celebration

Tom and Becki got married at the start of September – a very wet wedding, but lovely. And we also celebrated Sunny’s mum turning 60 with a curry feast.

→ Book

Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton.

→ TV

Poldark, of course!  I also enjoyed watching Victoria on ITV, and I re-watched 3rd Rock from the Sun on Netflix – which if you haven’t seen is well worth a look 🙂

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