Cardiff Over the Bridge


I’ve done the Cardiff to London stint a lot over the years.  A lot.

In case you didn’t know, my husband’s from South East London and so when we left Swansea University we did the long distance thing for a while.  Yep.  I’m over-rehearsed in the whole Megabus routine; you know, getting there extra early to make sure you’re at the head of the queue for a window seat (…oh and then donning your headphones and pretending to be asleep as soon your butt hits the seat to minimize the probability of having someone sit next to you), and then that long lug up the street from Victoria Coach Station to Victoria Train Station.  I’ve driven plenty of times too, the M4 and I go way back; Membury is my favourite Services in case you’re wondering (they’ve got a Subway, y’know), and I’m so used to spending an irritating five minutes re-tuning my radio at Swindon that I’ve got a switch-over station programmed into it now.  Oh yes.  Back when I moved to London, I started to take the train home to see my family instead.  Yeah, it’s quicker (by about 45 minutes), but unless you book months in advance it’s really expensive, and there’ll be swarms of pigeons waiting to welcome you on the platform at Paddington.

Well, now there’s another way.  Last week Sunny’s Mum turned 60, so instead jumping in the car and hitting the M4, I decided to fly to London instead.  No pigeons, no traffic, no pretending to sleep.  I felt very fancy pants 🙂

Because of Severn Tunnel maintenance work, Flybe have been offering 3 “rescue flights” a day from Cardiff Airport to London City Airport; one very early in the morning, one early afternoon flight, and then another in the early evening.  It’s mostly for those needing to get to London on business, but I can see weekenders and tourists using too.  I’m not great at flying, it has to be said – I was really nervous about it when I turned up for the afternoon flight.  But the plane was quiet, on time and the journey was so quick that by the time we were up in the air it was practically time to land.

We had a great view of Whitmore Bay and Barrybados as we took off…

…And of the wind farm in the Thames Estuary as we started our descent into London.

We landed in London City airport just under an hour after we’d taken off, and since the airport is linked up with the DLR (Docklands Light Railway), you can be either in Canary Wharf or Central London in minutes 🙂  It makes travelling up to London for the day possible without being nackered out by travelling.

The flights are being trialed up til October, but I really hope Flybe keep the service going since it’s far cheaper than the train – obviously much, much quicker, and arguably more comfortable (no sleeping bum like you get with the buses, cars and trains!) – it’s nice to have more options when it comes to travelling London, especially when you have to make the journey frequently.

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