Cosmeston Lakes

The last time I went to Cosmeston Lakes was when I was in Primary School.  We went to see the Medieval Village and then had an hour or so of “free time” to run riot around the lake.  There was no gift shop selling pencils and rubbers – what ya gonna do?  Incidentally, my Dad – a retired teacher – took many, many classes to visit Cosmeston Lakes over the years, and on one occasion fell a foul of the whole “free time” thing (back where there was no such thing as risk assessments and one adult to every five kids).  Having overseen the educational side of the visit, he waved the kids off and perched on a bench overlooking the lake to enjoy his own moment of “free time” (precious minutes where there are no children and usually a very large cup of tea or coffee).  Not twenty minutes later, one of the kids came trudging back in sopping wet uniform having “fallen” into the lake. 🙂

Dad always says he could fill a book with stories of school trip mishaps.  I think every teacher’s got at least one to tell, right?

I forgot how huge Cosmeston is; it’s not just the one lake I remembered, there are fields and forests and pathways all over the place (teachers must have been pretty ballsy to let kids roam alone back in the day…!).  You could spent a whole day exploring and still miss a corner 🙂

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I was also the one who came home from school covered in paint, even if we didn’t do anything with paint that day – ‘Wil Dau Hanner’ was my nickname until…. it’s still my nickname 😆

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