Hot Choc-tails


Let’s get things straight here; I’m a die hard tea drinker, but when the nights get a little colder and a little darker I ditch my past nine ‘o clock telly and tea for something a little… cosier cwtchier.  Nothing beats a cream-capped hot chocolate at this time of year, but sometimes it’s nice to mix things up a bit and ditch the usual recipe and get a little creative 🙂

“It’s not Terry’s, it’s mine”

Hot Chocolate Powder, a splash of Cointreau (or orange extract), Warm Milk, Whipped Cream and Grated Clementine Zest.

White Russian

Have you ever tried Whittard’s White Hot Chocolate?  OHMYGOD.  I usually have it with a little bit of cinnamon, but this time I mixed it with Raspberry Vodka (you could also use Chambord or Monin’s Raspberry Syrup), Hot Milk, Whipped Cream and some Freeze-Dried Raspberry or Pink Sprinkles to top.

Donut Knock it ’til You’ve Tried it

Did you know you can get donut-flavoured syrup?  Ho yes, and I can’t think of anything better to use it for than spiking hot chocolates.  🙂  Hot Milk, Hot Chocolate Powder, 1/2 Teaspoon of Cinnamon, Donut Syrup, Whipped Cream and a Mini Donut to garnish.

Christmas in the Tropics

One of my absolute favourite flavours to add to a bog standard hot chocolate has to go to coconut.  Malibu (Coconut Rum) has been my favourite spirit since I was teen and a splash of the stuff in your hot chocolate is a wonderful thing.  If you’re one of those people who hates Malibu (you’re weird), then a splash of coconut syrup will work just as well.

Fred and Ginger

Gingerbread Hot Chocolate isn’t an unusual hot chocolate flavour, but add a little Disaronno (Amaretto) and it becomes a little more lively.

Hehe, he looks like he’s taking a bubble bath 🙂

All the above were created using Whittard’s dreamy Luxury Hot Chocolate Range. What’s your favourite hot chocolate flavour/cocktail? 🙂

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