5 Recipes for Bonfire Night


I love Bonfire Night!  Not just for the fireworks and sparklers, but for the food.  It’s THE night of the year for wrapping up warm, swigging a hot chocolate and stuffing your face with something sweet and fattening.  It’s my kind of night out.  So without further ado, here are five recipes that are perfect for cold and smoky November nights out (…or in!). 🙂


1. Apple Pie Cake

I can’t stop raving about this apple cake – honestly, it’s just perfect!  Cinnamon-spiced apples and soft sponge due to the buttermilk.  Perfect warmed up with a bit of custard, or ice cream.  Yum!


2. Gingerbread Hot Choc-tail

If you haven’t got a hot chocolate in your hand while you’re watching the fireworks, then you’re doing something wrong!  But this ain’t no ordinary hot chocolate – it’s hot choctail.  Definitely one just for the grownups with a pinch of ground ginger and a slug of amaretto.  Slurrrrrrrp, hic!  😉


3. Leftover Pumpkin Traybake

Halloween is over!  But what did you do with all the leftover guts after carving your pumpkin?  Don’t throw them away, bake them into something sweet that’s worth scoffing while you watch those fireworks.  This easy tray bake made from spiced pumpkin goop is topped with a cream cheese frosting and sprinkled with toasted pumpkin seeds – absolutely nothing goes to waste with this recipe! 🙂


4. Bonfire Night Doughnut Balls

Doughnuts are so easy to make!  (Almost too easy…)  And this bag of bombs rolled in cinnamon sugar are the perfect snack for scoffing outside in the cold – especially if you warm them up.  You can also roll your dough around a chocolate truffle if you fancy taking things to the next level and giving your doughnuts a molten chocolaty centre. 😉


5. Mars Bar Brownies

This time of year all I want to do is curl up in a baggy hoodie and pjs and eat things that are warm and gooey and ideally full of chocolate and these brownies tick all those boxes.  No regrets!

Happy Bonfire Night everyone!  Stay warm and look after your pets 🙂


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