Cardiff Shopping

What I did: Gin and Juice and Christmas Shopping

I got up early yesterday and got into my little car determined to finish off my Christmas Shopping once and for all.  Four hours later I drove home completely and utterly  broken.  In between the crowds, The Pogues playing over and over again, the fact that I had to walk eight flights of stairs to get back to the car (to find that the eighth floor ticket machine was broken, ugh!) AND the fact that I came home empty handed (except for the GIANT bag of Tim Horton’s goodies that rode shotgun all the way home), I left down but not defeated!

I don’t know what happened this year; I’ve never left the Christmas Shopping this late!

I got a little bit distracted by the massive sale going on in Warehouse and was kind of tempted by this star-print wrap dress that’s a bit of a dupe for the hilarious expensive Realisation Par one.  But then I totally fell in love with this cherry print shirt dress which is definitely going on my January Sales wishlist.

When my feet started to feel like they were going to drop off I stopped in at Barker’s cosy new offering – Gin and Juice – for a mid-shop slurp.  (The gin and cocktail menu looked amazing, but – dammit – I couldn’t indulge because I was driving 😦 )

Walked back through Cardiff Market to scout out some Christmas veg and drool over the Christmas Tree shaped Welsh Cakes at Bakestones (might have to make up a batch myself tomorrow if I’ve got time!).  Then I headed home (after having a small meltdown in the car park) to wrap some presents 🙂

That’s me out!  Have a lovely Christmas everyone – Nadolig Llawen! X

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