*5 Fireside Snacks

I’ve trawled the archives to bring you 5 Fireside Snacks – perfect for relaxing with on the sofa after you’ve just spent an hour untangling Christmas cables and lights. Painful. But totally worth it for the food.

Bring on the Festive Food Coma…

So, my Christmas Tree is officially up. *And breathe* I spent the whole of Saturday in and out of the loft, untangling lights, despairing over where the hell the extension leads and light timers were and hoovering up fake tree needles. If you’re detecting just a shot of sarcasm there then you’d be right. Unpopular opinion – brace yourself – I bloody hate Christmas decorations. Bloody hate ’em. I think they’re – for the most part – just a load of annoying clutter, and as soon as they’re up, I long for the day when I can tear them back down and shove the lot back in the loft.

Alright, alright. The rage is fresh. I do love the twinkly lights and reminiscing over all the tree decorations Sunny and I picked up over the years on our travels, and seeing Elsie take in the tree for the very first time this year (she was only three weeks old last year) was really special… But then I see the plastic needles all over the floor and grrrrrrrr!

Christmas Food is far more my jam – and I’m well and truly stocked thanks to the lovely people over at Discover Delicious who sent me one of their exclusive Festive Hampers full of Welsh Food and drink this week. They’ve partnered up with some really fantastic Welsh brands to create a whole range of gift hampers just in time for Christmas. Better yet, this year they’re going to be donating their online commission from the sale of their hampers to the Trussel Trust, who help to stock Food Banks across the country – a lifeline for many people who struggle this time of year. If you fancy winning your very own hamper full of festive treats from Discover Delicious then head over to my Instagram to find out how to enter my giveaway to win one.

I’ve trawled the archives to bring you 5 Fireside Snacks – perfect for relaxing with on the sofa after you’ve just spent an hour untangling Christmas cables and lights. Painful. But totally worth it for the food. 😉

5 Fireside Snacks - The Cardiff Cwtch - Christmas Biscuits
Christmas Biscuits Three Ways

It just wouldn’t be Christmas without a barrel-load batch of Christmas Biscuits parked on the coffee table (…and a tub of Roses, obviously, but that’s another story…). They’re an absolute doddle to make – the dough freezes well and can be made well in advance – and as for the decorating, it’s a fun Christmas Eve activity to get little fingers involved in. There are three flavours to choose from; cinnamon is the obvious choice, maple and pecan is just as good, but my personal favourite are the pistachio ones.

Halloumi Bread - The Cardiff Cwtch - Welsh Bloggers
Halloumi Bread

Halloumi and soft, pillowy white bread. Do I really need to explain why you need to try this loaf? It’s hands down one of my favourite recipes I’ve ever created, and it’s one of your favourites too! Since Christmas could unofficially be called “Cheesemas” this Halloumi Bread would be perfectly at home on your festive cheese board. It’s delicious toasted (even better dunked in soup), and also works really well with jams (why not give my Fig Jam a go?) and chutneys.

Chocolate Orange Welshcakes - The Cardiff Cwtch
Chocolate Orange Welshcakes

There’s nothing like a fresh batch of warm Welshcakes and a cup of tea. I love them, and not just because I’m Welsh and I’d be ordered to exile myself across the bridge if I admitted otherwise, but because they’re easy to whip and can be adapted with any flavour or filling you like. These Chocolate Orange Welshcakes are my festive offering.

Chilli and Red Pepper Jam

I like to give a few handmade personal gifts every Christmas and this Chilli and Red Pepper Jam is my go to. In the run up to Christmas I designate one day for making jam and I get jamming – whipping up jars of the stuff to give to family and friends. It is absolutely banging drizzled over pigs in blankets and even better with baked Camembert.

Apple and Cinnamon Kanelbullar - The Cardiff Cwtch - Welsh Food Bloggers
Apple and Cinnamon Kanelbullar

Cinnamon Buns just happen to be my absolute favourite of the sticky, sweet bun species; I’ve been working on a recipe for the perfect, fluffy enriched dough for a while now and I’ve finally found The One. It makes a cracking batch of traditional cinnamon buns, sure, but add some stewed apple into the mix and plait them into a traditional Swedish Kanelbullar and they’re even better. These Apple and Cinnamon Kanelbullar are full of festive flavours – perfect for scoffing under the tree.

Have a lovely week!

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