Dog Days

Dog-ja-vu!  I know.  How many times is she going to blog about Barry Island and Jackson’s Bay?  Honestly?  Ten times more, at least.  It’s one of favourite places to spend a sunny afternoon, and it’s definitely becoming one of Bungle’s favourite spots too.  🙂

If you’re up for a walk, park up above Jackson’s Bay and walk around the cliffs to Whitmore Bay (Barry Island) – but make sure you don’t go at high tide!

(*Also, don’t miss a trip down to the beach this weekend (22nd July – 23rd July) because Isle of Fire is returning!)

“Without Women it’s not possible the revolution (sic)”

After our walk, we stopped in at K9 Plus 1 for lunch – a Dog themed and Dog friendly cafe on the promenade on Barry Island (right next to the funfair).  With beds, bowls of water and a little bowl of chopped sausages, Bungle absolutely loved it…

…But still fancied a bit of my banana milkshake. 🙂

Have a great week everyone!

Rainbow Run

Our Saturday shenanigans this week involved the beach, bacon, Barry Island and a lot of bright paint 🙂  We took Bungle down to Jackson Bay for his first swim and then stumbled on the Ty Hafan Rainbow Run when we walked around the corner to Whitmore Bay.  I’m so gutted I missed out – I saw the posters for it last year and told myself I’d definitely do it next time and then totally forgot about it!  Next year, eh?

I went down onto the beach to take a few pictures of the runners getting painted, then shuffled off to our favourite, Bay 5 Coffee for a hot chocolate and a bacon sandwich 🙂

How was your weekend?

The Red Arrow No Show

In Iceland there’s a popular saying spouted by locals; “if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes”.  Well, the same could be said for Welsh weather right now, although when we hate the weather here we’re more likely to say, “Oh, it’ll come nice, now, in a bit…”

Someone should have let the Red Arrows in on this.  Last Sunday Sunny and I drove down to Barry Island to see them in action over Whitmore Bay (to celebrate the Transport Festival).  Problem was, the weather was doing it’s typical trick of “Here, have some grey skies and hair fluffing drizzle…psych!”  Ten minutes before they were supposed to appear, along came the rain… and ten minutes after they cancelled, along came the sun.  *sigh*

After the Red Arrows cancelled and the rain left us uncomfortably moist, we ducked into my fave Bay 5 for a hot drink 🙂
Nothing is more annoying than drizzle, am I right my bespectacled friends?

When the sun came out we went to have a look at all the classic cars parked up on the front.

Since the weather had improved we walked over the cliffs and down to Jackson Bay.

I dipped my feet in the Bristol Channel – freeeeeeeeeeeezing!  But still, a beach is a beach 🙂