A Lingering Winter

It’s almost hard to believe it’s April; it seems like just yesterday that everyone was moaning about how January was dragging into its third millennium – and yet, here we are!  Although, the weather still doesn’t seem to have gotten the message and most days it feels a lot more like February.  Over Easter, I made the decision to step away from the computer for a bit and because Sunny had a week off we both got really excited about getting out and about together. But – surprise, surprise – it pretty much rained ALL WEEK.  In the end, we managed a trip to Costco (…fair play, their hot dogs are banging) and a run down to Penarth to take Bungle for a bath.  I mean, we also got some major adulting done around the house like washing curtains and painting skirting boards (…and also got very close to completing Assassin’s Creed Origins.  Priorities people, come on.).  But, that’s it.  We got rained off.  And although that’s kind of expected when you live in Wales, there are limits.

It’s funny.  I’ve always thought of myself as an autumn/winter kinda gal, but this year?   The endless darkness and the lingering cold and wet and not being able to get out has made me miserable.  I’ve really, honestly struggled.  It’s been hard being cooped up and old anxieties have at times really gotten the better of me.  I’ve felt tired constantly, haven’t been eating well and have found it really hard to feel inspired.  And while the weather always seems like an easy scapegoat when it comes to finding a reason for feeling blue, it’s contributed massively.

But!  Yesterday the sun came out and I actually put the air con on my car for all of ten minutes (…until my fingers froze and my eyeliner started to run down my face…), so I’ll take that!  Spring is on it’s way and there are loads of exciting things ahead, so onwards and upwards! 🙂

Anyway, it’s always great taking Bungle down to Penarth.  You might laugh about the whole bathing him in the sea thing, but actually it really works!  Salt water is great for his coat and because Penarth has a pebble beach, he doesn’t get any sand stuck in his fur.  Plus, he LOVES the sea and swimming.  Just look at his happy little face! 🙂

Once Bungle had shaken off and was rocking some beachy blonde waves, we went onto the pier and stopped in Waterloo Tea for a cuppa and a cake.  🙂

Have a great weekend everyone!  Hopefully the sunshine will finally make a comeback, eh?  🙂


Dog Days

Dog-ja-vu!  I know.  How many times is she going to blog about Barry Island and Jackson’s Bay?  Honestly?  Ten times more, at least.  It’s one of favourite places to spend a sunny afternoon, and it’s definitely becoming one of Bungle’s favourite spots too.  🙂

If you’re up for a walk, park up above Jackson’s Bay and walk around the cliffs to Whitmore Bay (Barry Island) – but make sure you don’t go at high tide!

(*Also, don’t miss a trip down to the beach this weekend (22nd July – 23rd July) because Isle of Fire is returning!)

“Without Women it’s not possible the revolution (sic)”

After our walk, we stopped in at K9 Plus 1 for lunch – a Dog themed and Dog friendly cafe on the promenade on Barry Island (right next to the funfair).  With beds, bowls of water and a little bowl of chopped sausages, Bungle absolutely loved it…

…But still fancied a bit of my banana milkshake. 🙂

Have a great week everyone!

Rainbow Run

Our Saturday shenanigans this week involved the beach, bacon, Barry Island and a lot of bright paint 🙂  We took Bungle down to Jackson Bay for his first swim and then stumbled on the Ty Hafan Rainbow Run when we walked around the corner to Whitmore Bay.  I’m so gutted I missed out – I saw the posters for it last year and told myself I’d definitely do it next time and then totally forgot about it!  Next year, eh?

I went down onto the beach to take a few pictures of the runners getting painted, then shuffled off to our favourite, Bay 5 Coffee for a hot chocolate and a bacon sandwich 🙂

How was your weekend?

For those about to rock…

This is a story about a French pirate, a cave and a very pissed off Welshman.

Five hundred or so years ago, the South Wales coastline was terrorised by a Breton pirate called Colyn Dolphin.  He sailed his ship called the Sea Swallow from Lundy Island off the Devon coast, was feared by sailors and soldiers alike, and – just like all good swashbucklers – towered over everyone he met and probably looked pretty fit standing atop of the bow of his ship (…what?).  Anyway, as a way of making a little extra pocket money to spend on rum and new pirate boots, Dolphin started up a side-business kidnapping well-to-do sailors and then selling them for ransom.

When he and his crew boarded a ship called the St Barb and came across the then owner of St Donat’s Castle – Sir Harry Stradling – I’d imagine he was feeling pretty smug.  He fenced the St Barb, sold its crew off to a few Barbary Pirate mates and well, as for poor Sir Harry, he was kept prisoner down in the greasy bilges of the Sea Swallow until his family came through with the hefty ransom.

Eventually, after selling off a few houses, the Stradlings came up with the cash and Sir Harry was set free alive… and monumentally pissed off.  He plotted his revenge, keeping a weather eye on the coast for any sign of Dolphin’s ship.  A year later, he got his chance.  The Sea Swallow became caught in a storm and wrecked on the Nash rocks.  Dolphin and his crew were captured by Sir Harry, and a hasty trial was set up in Tresilian Cave.  The crew were hanged in the grounds of St Donat’s, but as for Dolphin, he was buried up to his neck in the sand of Tresilian Cave and left helpless to watch the tide slowly creep in and rise around his ears.

There aren’t any lingering pirates on Llantwit beach these days, but plenty of traces of Ammanites if you keep your eyes open 🙂

Beach treasure – lots of sea snail shells and drift wood (…maybe even a bit of an old pirate ship… you never know!).

Found this beach babe sitting on her own, waiting for some hunk to come along and sweep her off her stones…