5 Favourite Fashion Hacks


I love a good hack!  And I’m always on the lookout for ones that’ll help me make the most out of whatever’s hanging in my wardrobe.  So here are five fashion hacks I’m always pulling out of my sleeve. 🙂

1. The Two-Way Blouse

You know how much I love my weird and wacky patterned shirts, and now I love them even more thanks to this genius little hack I picked up whilst video hopping on Youtube (damn you ‘Suggested’ sidebar!).  There are plenty of different ways to wear a shirt, but this trick is a new favourite of mine because it’s easy peasy and practically turns the shirt into a whole new top.  All you have to do is tuck in the collar, work out where you want the neckline to sit and button inwards (just like you would with your duvet – or am I the only one who does that?).  Tuck it into some Mom jeans and voila!


2. The Perfect Imperfect Tuck

First World Problem Number 99, amiright?  How to tuck your blouse/t-shirt/cami into your bottom half so it looks neat… but not too neat.  Here’s what I do.  Put on your jeans but leave them unbuttoned, then put on whatever top you’re looking to tuck.  Grab the middle part of the top’s hem and twist it once.  Now position it downwards against your abdomen whilst you do up your jeans.  Once everything’s secured you can gently tug on the fabric to loosen things up a bit.  Tada!  The perfect imperfect tuck without spending an hour fussing in front of the mirror. 🙂


3. From Dress to Skirt

This is one of my favourite things to do when I’m travelling.  It only works on dresses with an open neckline that’ll fit over your thighs, though, so it’s not exactly a foolproof hack.  Saying that, I’ve got a couple of dresses that I know work well with this trick and like to pack them to save on space in my suitcase.  All you need to do is step into the neckline, pinch the waistline and then pull it up.  You can tidy up the waistline with a belt or a tied shirt.

4. Paperclips and Safety Pins

I keep a stash of these babies in my jewellery box because I use them all the time to tweak and perfect my outfits.  Safety pins can be used to fasten low necklines and wrap dresses, and can even be used to stop necklace chains from twisting round.  Just loop a pin through the clasp and then secure it to the label in the back of your top (providing it’s high enough of course 😉 ).  Paper clips can be used to hide bra straps – especially when you’re wearing a racer back.

5. Banging Ballet Pumps

I love flats – especially open ones – but I can’t stand having to grip them with my toes to stop them from falling off.  I bought these stripy ones from Primark for a couple of quid last year and they were a bit too loose, so I stitched in a couple of ribbons and gave them a bit of a prima ballerina makeover.  The ribbons secure the slippy shoes to my feet, and also make them look a bit more expensive than they were.  Just make sure you use a strong needle and either burn or paint the ends of the ribbons with clear nail varnish to stop them fraying.

What are your favourite fashion hacks?  Let me know in the comments! 🙂

Achoo! Flu-Season Survival Kit

Of all the things Sunny could have brought back from his trip to London last week – flowers, a slice of Franco Manca pizza, a copy of the Evening Standard – a simmering, snotty head cold was not exactly what I was hoping for.  As soon as he stepped through the front door and mentioned he was feeling “rough” I knew we were doomed, and two days later there might as well have been a bright red cross painted on the front door.

I love Autumn, but I can definitely do without the occasional snot-swimming sesh (so can everyone around me; I’ve been told that I’m a pain in the ass when I’m sick).  So when it does happen, I always make sure my Flu-Season Survival Kit is ready to go.

Olbas Oil

I wear this stuff like Chanel No 5 during the winter; it’s one of my favourite smells even when I’m not sick (…and I’m well aware that that’s a bit weird).  I douse the collar of my fluffiest jumper with it, sprinkle it all over my pillow and bed sheets and breathe in.  Even better I found a bottle of Olbas Oil bubble bath a few weeks ago – it was almost worth catching a cold just to give it a go! 🙂

My Bed

Ahhhh.  I spent a whole week in bed last year when I caught the flu, and despite getting a bit fed up of not being able to get up and get on with my life I WAS SO COMFY.  It’s my favourite place in the whole world.

Hot Water Bottle

Sunny bought me this mini hot water bottle for my birthday a few years ago and I honestly don’t know what I’d do without it.  The best thing is that it’s small enough to wear inside a jumper and snuggle with in bed.  My top tip is to only fill the bottle three quarters of the way full and then let out the excess air resting on top – that way it stays warmer for longer.  (Also… snuggling with a fluffy dog will also have the same effect 😉 )

Satsumas and OJ

Time to overdose on Vitamin C!  As soon as I get that fuzzy head feeling ahead of a cold, I pick up a couple of packs of satsumas and start scoffing.

Soft Tissues

There’s nothing worse than having a sore, red nose after a cold or the flu from using cheap tissues (…or loo roll…).  True, they’re a bit more expensive, but they definitely help.


It’s a cliche for a reason; chicken noodle soup is what I always reach for when I’m feeling a bit under the weather.  My brother and I LOVE the cheapo Knorr Chicken Noodle Soup sachets, which he claims are a miracle hangover cure.

Honey over Lozenges

I’m not a huge fan of throat sweets, especially the ones that numb everything.  Honey’s got anti-bacterial properties, so a spoonful – either in a mug of hot water or straight from the spoon – can help soothe a sore throat.

Caffeine-Free Medicine

It’s understandable why, but a lot of the cold and flu medication you can buy has added caffeine to keep you wired enough to power through a cold.  That’s great, but personally, I’d rather get some rest and sleep it off!  I’m always stocking up on tablets that don’t have caffeine that you can take right before going to bed.

“Stop milking it!  Get up!”


Box sets, books, magazines… I always make sure I’ve got enough to keep me entertained within arm’s reach, so I don’t have to keep getting up and can just focus on resting.  Back to back episodes of Friends always make me feel better.

Thankfully, I think my cold’s in retreat now, but I really hope I don’t get a follow-up round in a month!  What must-have items are in your Flu Season Survival Kit?