Cardiff Shopping

Base + Barley (and shopping…)

I ♡ Cardiff shopping.  I loved it back when Queen Street was where things were happening (and when the Capitol wasn’t a wasteland of empty shops and shutters – can’t someone do something about that?  It’s looking so sad!) and I love it even more nowadays.  Sure there are all the High Street names you’d expect to […]


The Pumping Station

I love old. I love old jokes, I love old films (if you haven’t seen Some Like it Hot then we can’t be friends!), old cars, old furniture.  I love old books (I’m one of those weirdos who wedges her nose between the pages and inhales that lovely musty scent)… My father’s pretty old and I love him too – […]


January Lush List

You know the drill; here comes my list of everything I’ve been lusting after this month 🙂 Top of the list is this Hiraeth Cushion from Cardiff-based artist Cathryn Weatherhead. Hiraeth is another Welsh word that’s difficult to translate, but basically means homesickness tinged with grief or sadness over the lost or departed. It is […]

Everything Else Over the Bridge Shopping

Spend less, live more

  On our last day in London I felt the urge to take the waters. And by that I don’t mean a New Year’s dip in the Thames or a dose of detoxifying tea, I mean a trip to Bluewater.