Our Gallery Wall

Recently I wrote about the boring bare wall above my sofa and how Sunny and I were arguing over what to do with it.  I had pretty much given up on the whole gallery wall idea that I’d had my heart set on; Sunny likes right angles, straight lines, matching frames and neat corners, so I’d pretty much resigned myself to the fact that it just wasn’t going to happen… or so I thought.  Then out of nowhere he started looking at them on Pinterest and bada-bing bada-boom. Somehow, I’d managed to twist his arm (which is a pretty difficult thing to do) and convince him it was a good idea, and after an Etsy binge, a couple of trips to Homesense and IKEA and then a late night spent command stripping (…not as filthy as it sounds…), tada!  We have a gallery wall!

We’ve got a mix of pictures, photographs and a canvas, along with a mask my brother brought us back from his trip to South Africa, as well as a mix of frames.  And we only used three screws.  Back in our London flat we ruined a couple of walls trying to hang things up on plasterboard, but back then we didn’t have a little something-something called Command Strips, which are a bloody beautiful invention. 🙂

Always photobombing with that face.  *eyeroll*

Some of my favourite prints of colourful street scenes (like this one of London) came from allthewaystosay over on Etsy. Love it!

What d’you think of it? It’s weird walking into the lounge and not seeing a bare wall anymore!

Coffee and TV

Almost a year since we moved in and we’ve finally found a coffee table for the lounge!  It’s funny, I guess coffee tables are one of those pieces of furniture that aren’t particularly big or expensive or showy, but when it all boils down to it they’re a huge part of the home.  Ours is made of wood and glass and Sunny picked it up in the Dunelm sale.  🙂

Sofa so Good

You know you’re getting on a bit when you get as excited about a new sofa being delivered as you did about Christmas Day when you were a kid (…okay, I still get excited about Christmas Day, but you know what I mean…).  The reason for this probably has something do with the fact that sofas – who knew?! – usually take around twelve whole weeks to arrive.  But here it is, finally!  And I love it!

Buying furniture is a marriage minefield, but we seem to have got through this one relatively unscathed – which is crazy considering the fact that when it comes to personal tastes in style, Sunny pulls in one direction and I pull in the complete opposite…!  How we didn’t stumble into an explosive argument on this one is beyond me.  But hey ho, that’s marriage for you.  I think we surprised each other 🙂

We bought the sofa from Leekes and got to choose the fabric and the colour (we love grey, can’t you tell?).  I wanted to brighten it up with lots of colourful cushions and we’ve started with these two mustard ones that I got in the John Lewis sale (so many lovely cushions – but so expensive usually!).  I don’t know how many more I’ll get away with though – Sunny (and all men?) hates cushions!  Our lamp (I love lamp!) is from Marks and Spencer and the chevron patterned milking stool is from The Range.


On My Dressing Table

I am absolutely LOVING having a dressing table.  Back in the flat I made do with a tiny box shelf in the cupboard (cluttered, dark and dusty!) so upgrading to a table, with a mirror and space to hold all my junk feels very posh and ladylike.  Honestly?  It seems a little selfish and bit vain to devote a whole corner of our bedroom to my split ends and poor complexion – I’m over the moon Sunny actually agreed to it when truthfully we probably could have shared the space and used it for something else – but hey, I’ll take it 🙂

All our bedroom furniture (minus the bed) is the Brusali series from IKEA.  My dressing table I think is actually supposed to be a desk – but it does the job and was a steal at £40.  It’s a sort of frosty white/grey colour and has three shelves for storage where I hold all my makeup and hair accessories in plastic tubs.

Here’s one of my favourite photographs of me and my family; we had it taken on a whim a few years back in this tiny gold town in California called Columbia.  Next to it I’ve got this scented candle from Tesco for £1 (TAKE THAT NEOM).
Our new home is really warm so I’ve gotten used to wearing a lighter dressing gown around.  I bought this old Kimono from Primark years and years ago.  It’s a bit battered, but I love it.
I keep the jewellery I wear most often on top; my engagement ring, my crown ring and my watch from ASOS (ASOS do some really nice, quirky watches for around £20).  I also bought this one a while back, where the rabbits and the carrot tick around the face every second. 🙂

Having fresh flowers constantly sitting on my dressing table is a luxury I’m not going to fund – but I couldn’t resist picking up these Peonies the other day. 🙂
I’m not really a big perfume lover.  I’m really, really fussy.  Chloe Eau de Roses is my all time favourite; it’s the only perfume I’ve ever repurchased and if I had to pick one perfume to wear every day until forever, it would be this one.

Corners: “Al”

If there’s one thing I’ve learned since moving into the new house it’s that getting things the way you’d like them to be takes time.  You know, Rome wasn’t built in a day, blah, blah, blah.  No matter how much you visualise pictures, furniture and colours before the boxes are put away, you have to actually live within those four walls for a while to really decide what colour you’re going to paint them and which picture is going to go where.

Over three months have passed since we walked through that door, and we’ll still figuring it out.  We’re still sleeping on a mattress on the floor and would you believe it?  There’s still packing paper up on the lounge windows.  *sigh*   But hey, this is a work in progress, alright?

Here’s a little corner of our lounge that I’m liking right now.  We bought the trunk from Homesense before we moved in to house all our DVDs and the little milking/foot stool (my new favourite thing!) is from The Range.

On top of the trunk is the Sainsbury’s Terrarium I filled a while back, along with a little marble globe and “Al” – a real Alligator head that Sunny brought back from Florida once when he was a kid.  I HATED this thing when we lived in the flat, it gave me the creeps – not helped by Sunny sometimes deciding to tuck him into our bed at night before I got in.  Grr!  He doesn’t bother me as much any more though (Sunny still does, but that’s never going to change!), and I think he’s found his spot.  He’s definitely a talking point for anyone who comes in! 🙂