Cardiff Winter Wonderland 2017

It feels like Christmas officially barged its way in this week whether you wanted it to or not!  It’s something that seems to divide opinions; when we saw our first Christmas advert whilst scoffing breakfast on Monday morning, Sunny rolled his eyes over his toast and complained that it was waaaaaaay too early, meanwhile I was grinning and updating my Christmas Spotify playlist pronto tonto!  So you can imagine how excited I was when I got invited along for a sneak peek of Cardiff’s Winter Wonderland for 2017. So I invited along my the biggest Christmas Cynic I know – Sunny – in the hope that I’d have him singing Christmas songs all the way home in the car.  🙂


All the usual attractions are back from the funfair to the alpine village, along with the Admiral Ice Rink, which is absolutely massive this year and, more to the point, it’s completely enclosed, which means the pesky Welsh Weather has no chance of drizzling on the Christmas Spirit!

We made a beeline for the hot dogs though, which I could smell cooking as soon as I got out of the car.  It’s like a superpower, what can I say?

Sunny somehow convinced me to go up the massive ferris wheel.  It’s not that I’m scared of heights exactly, it’s more that I’m scared of being trapped up somewhere high!  If you caught my Instagram Stories you’ll have seen my shaking hand and pleas to Sunny not to spin the cage – but the views of City Hall all lit up, the funfair (waaaaay down) below us and the Millenium (sorry!) Principality Stadium all lit up were worth the fifteen minutes of terror. 🙂

It was freezing up there, so we popped into the Bierkeller to warm up with a couple of hot chocolates, then spent the rest of the night dueling on the dodgems – which is when Sunny finally got into the Christmas spirit.  Sadly I couldn’t convince him on the festive sing-along on the way home in the car, but hey, there’s still six weeks to go until Christmas.  I’ll get him! 😉

Cardiff Winter Wonderland is open from now until the 7th of January.  🙂  Now then, tell me the truth, is it too soon for me to put my tree up?


4 replies on “Cardiff Winter Wonderland 2017”

Haha! Love the pic of you with the penguin!!! Totally with you with the festive thrill but do think you need to wait until first weekend in December? Then keep up until the bitter end (jan 6th aka twelfth night) so as the maximise your glitz appreciation…and introduce Bungle to it slowly…!!

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My rule is usually no trees or decs until November 25th. And it works pretty well, usually 😊 No idea how Bungle’s going to cope with it all though – it might be a up of Christmas Eve, down on Boxing Day job 😕


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