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New Year, No Pressure


A couple of days before the New Year a bunch of daffodils sprung up and bloomed in our front garden – which is weird, because traditionally daffs have got at least another month or so of underground snoozing to go before they’re expected.  But nope, these guys are up and ready to go.  You know, as if they’re raring to smash 2018.  I mean, if they were human they’d have quit smoking, organised their bullet journals and vowed to go vegan by now.

And it’s not just my eager daffs, during the first week of January there’s always that pressure to get up, get going and – like a crash test dummy on their first day of work – throw yourself at 80 miles an hour into a brand new year.  There’s that fresh page right in front of us and the chance to start over and reinvent which is exciting…

…But also TERRIFYING, and comes with a huge amount of pressure (if you’re a writer then you’ll know how terrifying empty pages are!).

I wish I could say that I had the same January Get up and Go attitude that my daffodils have, but the truth is that it takes me a bit longer than that.  For me, January has always been a massive struggle.  I used to dread the trudge back to school and the old routine after spending time with my family at Christmas, and I’m always falling foul of the January Blues.  It’s a dark, cold and miserable time of year; not exactly the easiest month to feel motivated to get up early and get crack-a-lacking on those goals, amiright?

For people like me, the expectation that I’ll wake up on the 1st of January bright eyed having switched into a new mindset overnight is completely unrealistic (…the truth is that I spent the first couple of hours of 2018 with my head down a toilet… but I digress…). And yet the pressure to do that is everywhere, so it’s easy to beat yourself up when you wake up in January and just want to groan and bury your head under the covers instead.

My January Self-Care Kit: Plenty of reading material, fresh flowers to brighten up the house on dull days, lots of candles and fairy lights, hot tea, sticky buns and lots of time spent with the beardo and Bungle ♡

I’m not saying that I’m not excited for 2018, believe me, I really am (2017 was one of my favourite years so far 🙂 ).  But I’m going to need some time to ease myself into it, and January seems like the perfect month for some self care and self reflection.  I’m going to hold off on the resolutions and goal setting until February at least, and spend the month quietly feeding myself instead.  Not with food exactly (although there are still two Chocolate Oranges in my kitchen cupboard that I’m very excited survived Christmas…), but with all the things that I’m going need to inspire that fresh mindset when Spring arrives.  I want to read, I want to write, eat good food, go exploring and then come home and cwtch up somewhere warm and cosy with a cup of tea.  Unlike those eager daffs, this girl needs just a little bit more time sleeping underground before she can be expected to bloom.

What’s in your January Self-Care Kit? 🙂

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Don’t ever feel pressured to fall into certain habits, or reach your goals right away. There is absolutely no rush in trying to improve yourself. You are trying your best, and that’s all that’s important. You have to pace yourself in a way that makes you comfortable, and if you need a while to get back into your normal routine before you try to add anything extra to your hectic life, then that’s perfectly fine! Good luck love xxx

Melina |

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I’m definitely more of a ‘pace yourself’ than a ’99mph head-on’ person – after all, there’s no point going through January at full throttle and then writing off the next eleven months because you overdid it! I’m trying to implement a few small lifestyle changes (reduce snacking between meals, fit in more exercise because fifteen minutes’ walking a day is blatantly not enough and I can’t put the blame my commute forever) and just take things as they come 🙂

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This is such a well-written post and I love how honest it is! I also struggle with settling back into a routine in January after spending so much time with family over Christmas.
This January I had high hopes that it would be a good month, but so far I’ve spent 2 weeks ill in bed with the flu! I’ve decided to just write off January this year and start my year from February!

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Very strange – I saw some lambs when I was walking the other day, which I’m sure is way too early to be seeing them! Buuuuut, if it’s a sign of Spring coming then I’ll take it! 🙂


January sucks. Everyone thinks it’s the perfect time to “start again” but honestly I believe that if people feel the need to “start again” then they need to do it whenever they feel is best for them.


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