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What I Did: Christmas Day 2017


Blwyddyn Newydd Dda (Happy New Year)!  And a happy 2018!  Hope you had a lovely Christmas, wherever you were and whoever you were with.  If you read my post a couple of weeks ago about Hosting Christmas then you’ll know that Sunny’s Mum, Dad and little sister came to stay and that I was in charge of cooking Christmas Dinner for everyone, including my Mum and Dad who popped over for the day too.  It was waaaaay more chilled than last year; with plenty of food, presents, drink and an epic three hour long game of Cards Against Humanity.  I managed to get everything out on the table by 3pm hot and not burnt… but, I did forget to buy crackers.  Oops!  🙂


Bungle wasn’t exactly sure what was going on, but he did enjoy all the wrapping paper.  He vanished while we were unwrapping our presents first thing in the morning and when it was all over and we went to find him, we found him in his bed in the kitchen amongst a massive pile of shredded paper!  He was more interested in the wrapping paper than his presents, which was predictable, I guess!

DSC_0042 DSC_0022

Sunny got me spot on and gave me this massive book full of short stories about and written by women like Angela Carter (my fave!) and Margaret Atwood.  One a day will definitely help me pull me through those January blues!


Have a great first week of 2018 everyone! x

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