Oliver’s First Birthday

A few weeks ago Sunny and I were invited to a first birthday party and christening.  I thought attending friends’ weddings made me feel old, but first birthdays?  They make me feel flippin’ ancient!  It was gorgeous though, our friend Hannah (and Oliver’s Mum) had organised every tiny detail; from making hundreds of teeny felt carrots to decorate the place cards, to the pretty flower garden centrepieces – it was pinterest perfect from start to finish 🙂

Ilfracombe’s Bathing Tunnels

On the way home from West Country weekend, we stopped in at Ilfracombe – which until then I’d only heard of in passing as a seaside pit-stop on an oldie road trip.  It’s a pretty, typically Victorian seaside town with painted buildings and doors.  We didn’t have time to properly explore or do it justice really, but what we saw we liked; the furthest we got from our pay and display car park were the Victorian Bathing Tunnels and tidal pools 🙂

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6 Hours in Brighton

When Sunny picked me up from Hove Station and I told him that I’d walked 21,359 steps around Brighton he snorted and told me that the app on my phone must have glitched.  Yeah, I know if you shake it up and down you can trick it into thinking you’ve walked a mile (does anyone even do that?), but I was convinced it was accurate.  It must be.  My feet certainly felt like it.  They were throbbing, because for 6 hours I’d stormed it around Brighton.  I shopped the lanes, ate ice-cream on the pier and even snooped inside the Pavilion 🙂

I paid £12 to go into the Pavilion (built by George IV – who, if you’ve watched Horrible Histories you’ll recognise as the bloke who ate a lot of pies, spent a lot of cash and couldn’t stand his wife…!), which I thought was a bit steep (especially as if you want the audioguide you’ll need to fork out an extra £2).  It’s absolutely stunning inside (though not as big as it appears from the outside) – but you can wander round in well under an hour.  More annoyingly, you can’t take pictures or film inside.  I only managed to take two – which is a shame, because it was so pretty! 🙂

Next I went to the lanes and wandered around all the quirky shops and boutiques…

…and then I stopped in at Coco Gelato for their Jam Doughnut flavoured ice-cream – yum!

London Snapshots

London and I?  I guess you’d call our relationship difficult.  And although I can say with 100% that I don’t miss living and working there, I still get all bright eyed and excited when I see the smoggy bricks and rising glass of the city.  There’s nowhere quite like London, but I do get fed up of how busy and expensive it is after a few days – I guess we’re better off as friends!

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