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Oliver Bonas, Cardiff

You know your local high street’s made it to the big leagues shopping-wise when Oliver Bonas comes to town.  I’ve got a little list of shops that I’d quite like to see set up in Cardiff, and when I got an email just over a month ago with the news that Oliver Bonas was opening up on The Hayes just in time for Christmas (…and my birthday *hint hint*), I was very excited to tick it off my list. 🙂

The only way I can describe Oliver Bonas to those of you who are unfamiliar is that it’s a great big colourful gift box.  If you’re looking for Birthday, Christmas, Anniversary, House-Warming, Wedding gifts… then you need Olly on your radar.

Hot Water Bottle – £24

One of the things I love most about Oliver Bonas is how colourful and quirky all their patterns and graphics are – a style that runs right across the store, from scarves and blouses to their collection of of homeware and soft furnishings. They don’t follow the herd when it comes to trends, and very much march to the beat of their very colourful drum. Every piece is made to last and designed to make you smile – which is why they make perfect gifts!

I’ve had my eye on Oliver Bonas’ fashion for a while as they seem to favour the patterned silk shirts I live for.  *Sigh* I need to add this gorgeous “wink wink” Blouse of Dreams to my growing collection of weird and wonderful patterned shirts.  It’s so pretty!

So if anyone’s keep track, here’s my Please Come to Cardiff! Shop list:

  • Oliver Bonas ✓
  • Anthropologie
  • & Other Stories
  • Monki

Have a great weekend everyone! 🙂

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