November Favourites

November is easily my favourite month of the year (everyone’s got a soft spot for their birthday month!) and easily the busiest, and this November didn’t disappoint on either end!  I got stuck in to my fifth NaNoWriMo, celebrated four birthdays, and had a very blogging month.  I had an absolute blast from beginning to end, and it’s got me all excited for Christmas and the New Year! 🙂


There was so much going on in Cardiff during November!  Winter Wonderland opened up on the 9th of November and I was lucky enough to get invited along to their sneaky peek press night which involved freaking out at the top of the massive Ferris Wheel, scoffing German hot dogs and swigging hot chocolate.

The following week Canadian Coffee and Doughnut chain Tim Horton’s opened up on Queen Street and you know me, along with Cinnamon Buns and Bacon, Doughnuts make up a large part of diet – so I was super excited to see what all the fuss was about.  I can confirm that Tim Bits will be keeping me fuelled through Christmas, as well as all their other goodies. 🙂


I’ve been so busy this month that I almost managed #NoSpendNovember!  But, it was my birthday half way through the month and I maybe hinted a little bit too hard about the Oliver Bonas Dream Blouse, because not only did Sunny buy it for me, but so did my Mum and Dad!  I love it!

Christmas Outfit sorted!  Last week I was lucky enough to be invited along to Coast’s Christmas Blogger event in Cardiff and had a lovely evening trying on lots and lots of Bond Girl Ballgowns.  I was also lucky enough to win one of their gorgeous dresses!  It was a total pinch me moment – and just in time for my birthday too!  I chose their Candice Lace Dress, which has a lovely hi-lo hem and has a definite Self Portrait vibe to it.

*Also, if you’re still looking for something to wear for the party season, you can get 20% off at Coast if you quote “The Cardiff Cwtch” at the checkout (Cardiff only!).


Milgi’s breakfast has to take the top food spot this month.  They serve breakfast every Saturday and Sunday from 9am to midday I’ll definitely be going back for their Lavabread-fried Potatos.  Yum!

Also, if you haven’t checked it out already, I wrote a post full of Hot Choc-tails.  I made myself a Irish one the other night with a bit of Merlin (if you’ve never tried Wales’ answer to Baileys from the Penderyn Distillery then you need to – it’s a stunner!).  I might have gone a bit overboard though and added too much – I was a bit sloshed by the time Blue Planet came on.


Peak Blinders is back!  And every time Red Right Hand by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds comes up on my Spotify, I get excited for Wednesday nights.  If you’ve never watched before it’s into its fourth season now and follows the Peaky Blinders, a real Birmingham gang from the 1920s.  If you’re a fan of Boardwalk Empire and other such gangster historical drama then it’ll be right up your street.

How can I not mention Blue Planet?  Every episode has been amazing, and I genuinely got all soppy when the whales and dolphins had a little reunion.  Also, the Portugese Man of War terrified me, and more so when someone posted a picture online of one that had washed up on Barry Island Beach (and others across The Vale)!?  So if you take your dog walking on the beach in South Wales, keep an eye out!


I started re-watching Reign this month (…I love it, it’s my thing, let it go), and was busy adding songs from the series to my Spotify when I cam across Vitamin String Quartet.  They’re a string quartet that basically create covers of pop songs and their backlist has completely taken over my Spotify.  I love their cover of Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” and Lorde’s “Royals”.  So worth checking out!

How was your November?  What have you been enjoying this month?  🙂

What I did Last Weekend: My Birthday, Cosmeston, Milgi

Last Friday was my 32nd birthday (as you know if you caught last Friday’s post), and was one of those lovely crisp Autumn days (exactly the same as the day I was born according to my Mum and Dad when they regaled everyone with my birth story over dinner at the pub… thanks guys!), and started off – as most days do these days – with taking Bungle for a walk.  But instead of doing the usual stomp around the block, we hopped into the car and drove to Cosmeston, which was absolutely stunning in the morning Autumn sunshine.  🙂

It was a quiet one, but lovely all the same.  I opened presents, blew out candles and got stuck into a massive cinnamon bun, and then went to the pub for dinner with my family.

On Saturday I was invited down to Milgi on City Road to try out their breakfast menu.  As a restaurant that promotes themselves as being dedicated to “everyday plant-based eating”, this cheeky McDonalds, sticky cinnamon bun-scoffing gal wasn’t quite sure what to expect.  But I’d heard really good things, was excited to give it a try and you know what?  I loved every single bite and was stuffed by the time we left!

I had to try the Lavabread-fried Potatoes, complete with polenta toast, a fried egg and homemade ketchup.  It was absolutely massive, and even Sunny was surprised when I demolished the lot.  I also really enjoyed my cheeky Toffee Apple Collins and honestly was a little bit buzzed in the car on the way home (…which made getting stuck in match day traffic through Cardiff a bit more bearable!).

Sunny went for their Indian Breakfast which came with two massive Parantha and a hefty portion of Dal.  I couldn’t resist sneaking a bit of his Parantha – you guys know I cook a batch myself when the in-laws come to stay.  He went for their Autumn Garden Smoothie, with pear, banana, oats, cinnamon, vanilla and oat milk and I think even he was surprised how much he loved it.

If you’re looking for somewhere new for breakfast definitely give Milgi a try; I’m pretty sure a Saturday morning breakfast there could cure any hangover – not only are the portions massive, but the food’s tasty and pretty easy on the eyes too.  They serve breakfast on Saturdays and Sundays from 9am until midday.  😉

Happy weekend everyone!  x

October Favourites


Another month bites the dust!  My October was a mix of Autumn excitement followed by two weeks of inevitable coughing and sneezing.  I feel like I’m finally through the worst of it now, and just in time for November – which is always a super busy month in Casa Cwtch; four birthdays (including my own!), Nanowrimo, and then the big Christmas build-up.  Anyway, despite being a snotty, spluttering mess for most of October, it’s still my favourite time of year 🙂


I didn’t shop much in October other than picking up a few Christmas and Birthday presents, but it did finally get cold enough to start wearing my new grey coat from Primark.  It was cheap as chips and I love it!  I’m looking forward to wrapping up this month and cracking into my massive scarf collection.


I feel like it’s been a quiet month for TV.  I finally got around to watching Stranger Things and – sorry! – I love all the 80s pop culture, and I kind of like it… but, I don’t get the hype.  I will persevere, but maybe I set my bar too high?  Sunny and I started watching Tin Star with Tim Roth; he hated it (he thought it was too dark and couldn’t stand the music), I LOVED it.  Other TV shows include Outlander (which continues to please – it’s just so beautiful to look at!), Mr Robot, and of course, GBBO.


As well as making Halloween Doooooonuts, Salted Caramel Macarons, and these Pumpkin Traybake Cakes – I also became obsessed with Cadbury Roses Cake Bars which come in Strawberry Cream (my fave!) and Orange Cream.



I didn’t get out much during October because – like I said – I caught the lurgy, but top of the pops this month of course goes to the new Oliver Bonas store which opened up on The Hayes.  I wanted to buy everything! 🙂

What have you been enjoying this October?  Have a great weekend everyone!  x

Oliver Bonas, Cardiff

You know your local high street’s made it to the big leagues shopping-wise when Oliver Bonas comes to town.  I’ve got a little list of shops that I’d quite like to see set up in Cardiff, and when I got an email just over a month ago with the news that Oliver Bonas was opening up on The Hayes just in time for Christmas (…and my birthday *hint hint*), I was very excited to tick it off my list. 🙂

The only way I can describe Oliver Bonas to those of you who are unfamiliar is that it’s a great big colourful gift box.  If you’re looking for Birthday, Christmas, Anniversary, House-Warming, Wedding gifts… then you need Olly on your radar.

Hot Water Bottle – £24

One of the things I love most about Oliver Bonas is how colourful and quirky all their patterns and graphics are – a style that runs right across the store, from scarves and blouses to their collection of of homeware and soft furnishings. They don’t follow the herd when it comes to trends, and very much march to the beat of their very colourful drum. Every piece is made to last and designed to make you smile – which is why they make perfect gifts!

I’ve had my eye on Oliver Bonas’ fashion for a while as they seem to favour the patterned silk shirts I live for.  *Sigh* I need to add this gorgeous “wink wink” Blouse of Dreams to my growing collection of weird and wonderful patterned shirts.  It’s so pretty!

So if anyone’s keep track, here’s my Please Come to Cardiff! Shop list:

  • Oliver Bonas ✓
  • Anthropologie
  • & Other Stories
  • Monki

Have a great weekend everyone! 🙂