Strawberry Frosé

These Strawberry Frosés are kind of like an adult Slush Puppy (remember those?) – minus the blue tongue – and would be perfect served up at a barbecue or summery wedding.  The base recipe is also super-adaptable; if you’re not a fan of strawberries then swap them out for raspberries or peaches – yum!  And, the best thing?  They’re really easy to make – especially if you prep the night before.  All you need is a strong-bladed blender and you’re good to go. 🙂


Isle of Fire

I love those long summer days when you spend the day whole day out in the sun and then stay out long after it sets.  Saturday was one of those days – definitely my favourite so far this summer.  In the evening we went down to Barry Island to see the return of Isle of Fire; the promenade […]

Around Wales Cardiff

May Meadow

I’m definitely an Autumn/Winter girl.  I love the cold; snow, thick jumpers and Autumn leaves.  But if I had to pick another favourite time of year, it would now.  There’s just something about May, you know?  Those first summer days when the blossom’s out and we get a tease of what’s to come weather-wise (…or not, […]