5 Quick and Easy Breakfast Ideas for Christmas Day

Fast and filling recipes to get you through ’til Turkey Time!


Christmas morning’s a bit of a pickle breakfast-wise innit?  I mean, even if you find the time to squeeze it in and shovel down a couple of slices of toast in between unwrapping stockings and opening presents – there’s a whole turkey, trimmings and puddings (as well as a whole tub of Roses…) to save some stomach real estate for later.  I can count plenty of Christmases where I’ve either skipped breakfast or made do with the satsuma rolling around at the bottom of my stocking… or indulged in an orange of the Terry’s variety in front of a film (oops!).  It’s so unlike me, because I love breakfast! It’s my favourite meal of the day – every day! – and – of all the days in the year – Christmas is big one to skip, especially if you’re hosting; you need the fuel!

The trick, I’ve found – and this is true of most things – is to do the grunt work the day before.  That way, breakfast is sorted and you can relax knowing you can go and get it whenever you want.  Recipes that can be prepared ahead of time with minimal fuss and then popped in the fridge or covered with cling film are a winner (and pretty useful to have tucked up your sleeve for whenever the occasion calls for a short cut). Minimal effort, maximum impact. 😉

5 Quick and Easy Breakfast Ideas for Christmas Day - The Cardiff Cwtch - Parfait Pots and Porridge Pots

Parfait and Porridge Pots

If you’re looking for individual breakfast helpings that you can whip up the night before that saves guests scrambling around in cupboards and jamming up your sink with dirty plates – then you can’t go wrong with Parfait Pots and Porridge Pots.  Grab yourself some jam jars and then layer them up with fresh yoghurt, sliced or tinned fruit, nuts, honey and granola to make an easy, fridge-friendly parfait pot.  Porridge pots are just as easy – just fill your jam jars with porridge oats and water – as well as whatever toppings, flavours and fillings you fancy – and then leave them to soak and puff up overnight in the fridge. The next morning, all you’ll need to do is stir in a little milk and let the microwave do its magic! 🙂

Recommended Recipes:

Cherry & Almond Parfait Pots
Perfect Porridge

5 Quick and Easy Breakfast Ideas for Christmas Day - The Cardiff Cwtch - Breakfast Burritos and Wraps

Breakfast Burritos and Wraps

I am a BIG fan of the breakfast burrito in all forms and all its glory.  Not only can they be made months in advance, wrapped and then stored in the freezer, but they’re filling and can be stuffed with any number of ingredients – meat or vegetable – and whatever you’ve got bashing around in your fridge and cupboards.  They’re perfect for Christmas morning because – joy to the world – NO DIRTY DISHES.  Fish one out of the freezer or fridge and then either warm it up in the microwave (remove the foil first!) or in the oven. Simples!

Recommended Recipes:

“I Haven’t Got Time for Breakfast” Breakfast Burritos 
“On The Go” Huevos Rancheros Wraps

5 Quick and Easy Breakfast Ideas for Christmas Day - The Cardiff Cwtch - Pancakes and Dutch Babies

Pancakes and Dutch Babies

If you’ve got a little bit of extra time in between unwrapping presents and getting dressed, then you can’t go wrong with a good stack of pancakes, or some crispy, fluffy dutch babies – ripe to be filled or topped with whatever you fancy.  Whip up the batter the night before and leave it in the fridge overnight (pancake batter is always better if it’s been left overnight) and voila, breakfast sorted! You can even go festive with your fillings and toppings – you can’t beat apple and cinnamon, or why not try using some mince pie filling and brandy cream? Yum!

Recommended Recipes:

Pancake Party
Banana and Custard-filled Pancakes 
Easy Dutch Baby

5 Quick and Easy Breakfast Ideas for Christmas Day - The Cardiff Cwtch - French Toast

French Toast

Just like pancakes, good French Toast can easily be made up the night before and then left in the fridge until you’re ready to cook it.  And there are so many different and fun ways to make it (Have you ever tried making it using Croissants?) and flavours to try – from fillings to toppings (Have you ever battered it with Frosties? SO WRONG, SO RIGHT).

Recommended Recipes:

“Extra” French Toast 
French Toast Four Ways (including battered French Toast)

5 Quick and Easy Breakfast Ideas for Christmas Day - The Cardiff Cwtch - Battered French Toast5 Quick and Easy Breakfast Ideas for Christmas Day - The Cardiff Cwtch - Filled Halloumi Loaf

Filled Breads

If you just don’t have the time or the desire to faff around in the kitchen on Christmas morning and are quite happy with a slice of toast – then why not try making a filled loaf a couple of days before?  Not only will it sort you out for breakfast on Christmas Day and Boxing Day, but you’ll also have a great twist on those all important Turkey Leftover Sandwiches! Savoury or Sweet is totally up to you. 🙂

Recommended Recipes:

Halloumi Bread (great with fig jam!)
Indian Potato and Cauliflower Fried Flatbreads (Aloo Parantha)
Sunny’s Orange and Cinnamon Swirl Bread 
Bara Brith

Nadolig Llawen (Merry Christmas!) pawb! Have a good one! 🎄


2 thoughts on “5 Quick and Easy Breakfast Ideas for Christmas Day

  1. More often than not, I end up noshing on the satsuma/apple in my stocking for breakfast (or a chocolate or two…!). Thanks for these recipes – some food for thought here 😉 Merry Christmas!


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